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8.9 Release - January 2024

Rapid, Optimal Design for a Faster ROI

  • Total Cost
  • Power
  • Mean Time
    Between Failure
  • Efficiency
  • Production

No two wells are the same.
Neither are the approaches to rod pump optimization.

Each well has its own set of production characteristics and constraints.

Pump speed, perf depth, motor HP, rod stress, max torque, pump capacity, rod string diameter, and more… We need to make it all translate into maximum production, lower power consumption, and extended uptime—And all at the lowest cost possible.

It’s really not that difficult—when SROD, intelligent rod pump design software leads you through the process.

The SROD Design Process

SROD’s predictive design software leads you through the design process, helps you build a base case, then fine-tunes it to develop the optimum outcome.

Design in real-time,
in a 3D enviroment

Upload a well’s deviation survey to model the wellbore configuration within the SROD 3D viewer. Enhance your view by adding perforations, completion equipment and tubular data.

Quickly input

The SROD system will guide you through the design process as you input pump and tubing parameters, rod-string type and taper particulars, pumping unit size, crank information, motor size, and more.

Make multiple comparisons, better decisions faster

Once you’ve entered all input parameters, the SROD system generates a base case and delivers a single-page report on key components and performance capabilities.

Optimizing Your Options

Rod pump design requires careful consideration of performance versus costs, and economics versus efficiency. SROD predictive design lets you weigh the cost of each equipment option. The SROD’s multi-case comparison function presents a single-page tabulation for comparing various equipment selections against alternative design parameters—thus optimizing your pump design from top to bottom.

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Take SROD for a Spin

With nearly 100 years of Sucker Rod Pumping history, Lufkin delivers both expertise and equipment to help you get the most from your asset.

For a personalized demonstration and trial license, contact the SROD licensing support team.

For technical issues, problems or questions, contact the SROD technical support team for help.

For all other inquiries, contact the SROD sales team.