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Red Deer, CA API 11AX-0147

Midland, TX API 11AX-0161

Red Deer, CA API 11B-0192

Midland, TX API Spec Q1

Claremore API 11AX-0159

Claremore API Spec Q1

Red Deer, CA ISO 9001:2015

Alberta, CA Partnerships

TQM – Total Quality Management

At Don-Nan, quality means more than just complying with the API Spec. Q1 and API 11AX requirements. We believe quality is exceeding expectations, doing things right the first time, and anticipating customer needs. This ensures customer satisfaction is always the end result, because it is our first priority. This belief extends beyond manufacturing to all aspects of the business.

Quality control and inspection are priorities at Don-Nan. From raw material to finished products, all products are tracked, inspected and documented.Our gauges are tested and certified monthly, ensuring precise machining on all products.