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Don-Nan designs, engineers, and manufactures downhole artificial lift technologies and provides best-in-class service.

Production Tools

Production tools are downhole tools and components designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the rod lift system. These include what many consider standard operating equipment such as on-off tools, TACs, and mud anchors, as well as newer innovations such as the Gas Separator and Slimhole TAC.

Specialty Pump Parts

Specialty pump parts are compatible with API pumps and are developed by Don-Nan to enhance pumping performance beyond normal API capability resulting in increased operating efficiency, longer run times, and operational cost savings.

Solids Control Solutions

LUFKIN Don-Nan’s customized bottom hole assemblies with stainless-steel wool screen(s) and a pressure-activated cone valve is an economical pump intake control system. The assembly offers

Sucker Rod Pumps

API Insert Pumps
Specialty Pumps
API Tubing Pumps
Don-Nan THB API tubing pumps are heavy-walled, stationary barrel, bottom hold-down pumps recognized by API as a standard design.