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Specialty pumps are designed to maximize performance in specific applications, whether that means optimizing for sand, scale, gas, or unique liquid-volume requirements.

Stroke-Thru Solids Pump

The Don-Nan Stroke-Thru Solids Pump is specially designed to provide maximum run-life in wells that produce large amounts of varying types of solids such as scale, trash, and sand. One of the primary contributing factors to lower than expected run times is abrasion and scoring damage to the internal components of a rod pump by solid material. In severe cases, rod pumps can become inoperable due to extreme amounts entering the pump. Developed with this specific scenario in mind, the StrokeThru Solids Pump vastly reduces jamming and scoring damage when compared to API pump designs.

The Stroke-Thru Solids Pump is designed unlike any other insert sucker rod pump. Utilizing a groovedbody plunger, any solids that have accumulated inside the pump are collected into the grooves; similar to scooping sand with a cup. In order to create space between the barrel and plunger to allow sand to enter the grooves, we must loosen the plunger-to-barrel fit.

Multiphase Pump

The Don-Nan Multiphase Pump packs a powerful punch with design features that enable exceptional performance in wells with high amounts of gas-entrained and sand-laden fluid through a combination of carefully selected components. The design of the Multiphase Pump relies on the principle features that make many of our other specialty pumps excel in their respective applications.

In order to effectively handle gas, the Multiphase Pump relies on a hollow valve rod for increased rigidity compared to a valve rod. In instances of incomplete pump fillage due to gas or sucker rod overtravel, the hollow valve rod is able to prevent buckling at the top of the pump and translate any bending that might occur farther up the rod string, distributing stress throughout the equipment and mitigating damage.

Sand Diverter Pump

Don-Nan Sand Diverter pumps are heavy-walled, stationary barrel, bottom hold-down specialty pumps, utilizing an enhanced plunger assembly designed to maintain production levels and reduce equipment failure caused by downhole sand and solids. These pumps are recommended when there is high sand concentration in the production fluid.

Sand Diverter pumps are derived from the standard RHB API sucker rod pump design and upgraded with specifically selected components and materials. The most impactful upgrade is the replacement of the industry standard plunger adapter with a Sand Diverter. The Sand Diverter is a patented technology designed to direct solids away from the pump barrel, further maintaining integrity of the down hole pump.

Slimhole Pump

The Don-Nan Slimhole Pump is a smallbore, bottom hold-down rod insert pump designed for use in wells equipped with small liners or 1-1/2″ tubing.

The Slimhole Pump is a modification of the API standard RWBC pump. Specially designed fittings enable this 1-1/4″ bore pump to be placed into 1-1/2″ tubing without compromising on production targets.

Lo-Pro Pump

The Don-Nan Lo-Pro Pump is designed to enable economical production in low-liquid-volume rod lift environments. The small displacement of the Lo-Pro Pump allows low producing wells to operate longer, reducing downtime and extending the production life of wells far beyond their glory days.

The Lo-Pro Pump utilizes a small bore (1-1/16″) displacement for dependable and consistent operation in low producing wells. By producing a smaller volume of fluid with each stroke, the Lo-Pro Pump can better maintain a workable fluid level in wells with diminished production and avoid a pumped off scenario that can lead to damaging fluid pound.

A heavy-walled barrel makes the pump durable for shallow to extremely deep wells. In order to keep the pump vertically stable in 2-1/2″ tubing, a pump centralizer is added just below the valve rod guide.

Hi-Pro Pump

The Don-Nan Hi-Pro Pump is typically called for as wells mature and begin to produce larger volumes ofvwater than originally anticipated. To overcome this restriction without replacing the tubing string with larger tubing, a tubing-style pump where the outside diameter of the plunger is greater than the inside diameter of the tubing string is installed.

The Hi-Pro Pump is a practical choice for a wide range of tubing sizes, with bore sizes ranging from 2-1/4″ up to 3-3/4″. Unlike an API tubing pump which can partly be retrieved by pulling the rod string, the Hi-Pro Pump is entirely ran on the tubing string. The rod string connects to the plunger assembly by way of a sinker bar or polished rod and an on-off tool which means the tubing must be pulled in order to service the pump.

Isolated Gas Compression Pump

The Don-Nan Isolated Gas Compression Pump is efficient at moving gas through the pump and is designed for pumping underneath a packer, which prevents gas from traveling up the casing annulus. Using two plungers and two barrels enables an extremely tight plunger-to-barrel
fit throughout the assembly, resulting in precise gas transference. The extremely tight fit in this pump makes it suitable for use where little to no solids are present.

The Isolated Gas Compression Pump’s extremely rigid design extends the life of the entire rod lift system by effectively mitigating the effects of gas pound and lock. Taking the idea of a hollow valve rod a step further, this design instead uses a mercury plunger. Compared to a hollow valve rod, a mercury plunger has greater wall thickness and a thermal-sprayed coating for increased wear resistance and enhanced rigidness to eliminate buckling at the pump.