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LUFKIN Automation’s Production OverDRIVE™ continuously monitors annular fluid levels and automatically adjusts pump speed in response to changing reservoir conditions.

When the annular fluid level increases beyond a specified setpoint, the OverDRIVE function temporarily and incrementally, increases pump speed above the preset maximum work speed limit, up to a preset maximum. Speed will increase only as much as required.

Once the fluid level returns to normal levels, the system reverts back to normal operating pumping speed limits. This function keeps a record of the OverDRIVE activation frequency to assist production teams evaluate pump and reservoir performance. Production OverDRIVE™ is licensed through LUFKIN, and is available for all LUFKIN Well Manager™ 2.0 Variable Speed Drives.


  • Real-time detection of under-pumping condition, when the formation production rate exceeds the pumping capacity of the system.
  • Automatic incremental pump speed increase to drawdown annular fluids.
  • Maximized production while minimizing stress on production equipment.

Production OverDRIVE™ execution sequence

  1. VSD operates within minimum and maximum operating speeds.
  2. VSD operates at maximum working speed however, the fluid level continues to increase.
  3. VSD shifts into Production OverDRIVE™.
  4. Fluid level stabilizes and starts to decrease.
  5. Fluid level returns near pump intake, VSD returns to normal operation within minimum and maximum operating speeds.