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Delivering Intelligent Innovations that Maximize Production

Our oilfield pumping units, automation, and service are recognized around the world as the industry standard and the benchmark others strive to attain.

LUFKIN Automation

LUFKIN Automation takes optimization and automation to the next level as the best solution in rod pump optimization and automation.


LUFKIN engineered Beam Pumping Units are the most reliable, highest quality available in the industry today. Nobody can match our reliability. Our robust supply chain network ensures you have BPUs when you need them.

LUFKIN Services

LUFKIN Services offer the most comprehensive pumping unit maintenance/ installation program available for all and other pumping unit manufacturers.


LUFKIN Rods products are designed, sourced and manufactured domestically, and our advanced automation and robotics systems ensure the highest quality products possible. Our rods, guides and accessories will maximize the life of your most demanding wells.

LUFKIN Downhole Pumps

LUFKIN Downhole Pumps global footprint is an expert blend of LUFKIN’s and Don-Nan’s extensive experience in engineering, manufacturing and servicing sucker rod pumps. PumpTrak, our web-based service tracking software enables faster and better equipment selection decisions to increase MTBF.


LUFKIN Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs) are available in various models to meet different well completion challenges, including driveheads and pumps.