About Us


Leading the way
since 1902


LUFKIN Industries has the vision to once again provide the standard in Rod Lift technology and Quality. To truly be the gold standard that the rest of the industry aspires to.

To build the highest quality, most advanced equipment and provide the best service in the Rod Lift Industry to bring our customers a higher long-term value with less downtime.

As the gold standard in technology, reliability, and safety, LUFKIN brings our customers the latest in design features and optimization allowing our clients to lower lifting costs and generate higher revenues.

The History


Lufkin’s proud past extends back to the early 20th century when the Lufkin Foundry manufactured railroad and sawmill equipment. The company expanded soon after by pioneering oilfield pumping units in the 1920s. Today, Lufkin is a world leader in its field, providing precision-engineered oilfield equipment, products, and services to customers around the globe.


1902 – Incorporated
1923 – Built first Gear Driven Beam & Sucker Rod Pumping Unit Reducer
1925 – Built first full crank balanced pumping unit
1953 – Began Air Balanced design manufacturing
1961 – Began Mark II design manufacturing
1977 – LUFKIN pumping unit goes under permanent exhibit in Smithsonian
1988 – Began Reverse Mark design manufacturing
1997 – LUFKIN Industries acquires Nabla
1998 – LUFKIN Industries acquires Delta-X combining it with Nabla to form LUFKIN Automation
2001 – Built longest stroke length conventional unit in the world (260″)
2001 – Introduced the LUFKIN Well Manager
2010 – Acquired Petro-Hydraulic Lift
2012 – Acquired Quinn downhole and Grenco Progressive Cavity pumps
2013 – GE Oil and Gas acquisition of LUFKIN Industries
2016 – GE Oil & Gas introduction of revamped LUFKIN pumping unit technology (Gen II)
2017 – GE Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes merge to create BHGE
2019 – BHGE becomes Baker Hughes once again
2020 – Introduces the LONG STROKE – largest crank balanced pumping unit in the world (2560-500-320)
2020 – Introduces the LUFKIN Sprint BPU product line
2020 – LUFKIN Industries is acquired by KPS Capital Partners becoming independent again