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Downhole pump cards are drawn using a combination of hardware and software commonly integrated into rod lift designs. These pump cards serve as a leading indicator of the adjustments that should be made to the rod lift system in order to maximize production.

The shapes drawn in the examples below are exaggerations of the detailed output produced by automation equipment. In scenarios where an operator may not have automation equipment installed with a pumping unit, snapshots can be taken with portable equipment, as is available through Don-Nan’s Diagnostic Service.

It is normal for a sucker rod pump to produce between 80% to 95% efficiency. If you are frequently experiencing less than that, a member of technical services would be happy to review your application and advise on adjustments to the pump or other rod lift system component to maximize production.

Full Pump

Gas Interference

Fluid Pound

Malfunctioning Anchor

Unanchored Tubing

Pumpoff Controller

Worn Pump Barrel

Leaking Standing Valve

Leaking Traveling Valve


Bent Pump Barrel