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Eliminate Unplanned & Costly Workover Activity with
3D Screen Technology

LUFKIN Don-Nan’s customized bottom hole assemblies with stainless-steel wool screen(s) and a pressure-activated cone valve is an economical pump intake control system. The assembly offers

  • A cost-effective solution due to reduced, unplanned workovers required.
  • A reduced inventory as no screen sizing is required.
  • Flexible configurations for different well requirements.

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Case Studies

BHA 3D Screen Technology Triples Average Pump Run Time in the Permian Basin.

Success Story

Delaware Basin Operator Records 500 Days and Counting of Continuous Pump Run Time.

Success Story

Continual Fine Solids and Gas Handling Extends Pump Run Time to More Than 160 days.

Success Story

Technical Info

Stainless Steel Screen

The stainless-steel wool screen1 is a patented 3D filter formed by wrapping layers of comprssed stainless-steel wool onto…

Pump Intake Valve

The intake screen and valve assembly is an economical pump intake control system that integrates the stainless-steel wool screens…

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