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Beam Pumping Units (BPUs) manufactured in LUFKIN, TX were built to last forever. Our near-new BPUs from our Recondition Program are no exception.

Enjoy traditional LUFKIN quality and avoid paying exorbitant tariffs, seal costs, freight costs and ‘waiting on unit’ time.



Standard 2-year Warranty
Our reconditioned units come with a two-year Unlimited Strokes Warranty that includes six months of routine maintenance.
21-point Inspection
Qualified LUFKIN technicians will conduct a comprehensive 21-point inspection, repairing or replacing components that would have a negative impact on reliability or performance.
48-hr Installation*
With LUFKIN, there’s no waiting around for productivity. Within 48 hours of placing your order, we’ll have units delivered and installed on your wellsite, ready to go.
12-hr Wellsite Support*
As long as your unit is under warranty, we will have LUFKIN-qualified technicians on your wellsite, providing support within 12 hours of the unit interrupted service report.

Built to Last Forever. Or Longer.

LUFKIN pumping units have a reputation for long-life performance. With reconditioning, we can bring those units back to near-new OEM condition, adding years of troublefree operation and greater resale value.

Made in the USA

Between tariffs and shipping, costs have never been higher. Built and reconditioned in the U.S.A., LUFKIN pumping units eliminate those costs, improving your bottom line and ability to compete.

A Sustainable Advantage

ESG challenges increasingly factor into business decisions. Reconditioned LUFKIN pumping units reduce the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and shipping, along with the need for raw materials.

Reliability, Documented

LUFKIN’s tracking program can provide a complete history of the unit, complete with original manufacturing date, maintenance and service records, and the operators who have used it.

Certifiably Solid

To qualify, a reconditioned unit must be manufactured by LUFKIN or an acquired company, retain the original design and manufacturing specifications, and be reconditioned to 80% of the original OEM specs using LUFKIN parts.

Serviced by Those Who Built It

LUFKIN offers the most comprehensive pumping unit maintenance and installation program available—for its own pumps as well as for other pumping unit manufacturers.

*48 -hr installation is during normal business hours Monday to Friday and 12 hr wellsite support during daylight hours.

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