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Driving the Future of Automation

LUFKIN paved the path as the first to patent automation technology to accurately control and analyze rod-pumping systems in a way that maximized production like never before. Today, the LUFKIN team combines its years of experience in the field with that same spirit of innovation to continually propel the future of automation forward.

LUFKIN Well Manager™ 2.0

Pioneered to maximize production.
Enhanced to meet tomorrow’s intelligent control needs today.

This next generation LUFKIN Well Manager 2.0 (LWM 2.0) device provides an intuitive interface and the most advanced intelligent control solutions to maximize well performance while improving artificial lift equipment operation.

ROI Drivers

  • Optimizes production
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Minimizes equipment failures
  • Displays lift system issues
  • Facilitates visual remote monitoring
  • Enables expansions and upgrades
  • Configures easily
  • Protects valuable assets


  • Accurate data = better performance
  • Advanced control capabilities
  • Flexible programming
  • Modular design with multiple communications ports
  • Gear reducer torque functions
  • Pump tag monitoring

LUFKIN Well Manager™ 2.0 Upgrade Kit

The next generation of rod pump control developed to easily install in all first-generation LUFKIN Well Manager controllers.

The LUFKIN Well Manager 2.0 (LWM 2.0 ) upgrade kit provides the new enhanced functions and processing power of the LWM 2.0 to be effortlessly installed in all existing first-generation LWM enclosures with minimal downtime.

ROI Drivers

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Maximize production by resolving lift issues in real-time to boost well performance
  • Reduce operating costs by tracking equipment performance to maintain optimum production and minimize the risk of failure
  • Ensure safe operations with remote monitoring and control functionality, minimizing in-field and on-site personnel requirements


  • Custom-designed conversion package of equipment to upgrade existing LWMs
  • Full next generation LWM 2.0 control capabilities
  • Simple and intuitive interface

Optimizing Outcomes with Seamless Service

At LUFKIN, service is synonymous with solutions. The LUFKIN team is committed to providing the best technical expertise in design, installation, optimization, troubleshooting, and training to maximize automation operational efficiencies and protect critical control equipment.

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LUFKIN Variable Speed Drives

Accurate, Realtime Rod Pump Control

Oil wells require optimal pump operation, the LUFKIN Well Manager™ 2.0 Variable Speed Drive (LWM 2.0 VSD) integrates next generation pump-off control with variable speed control for optimum productivity for every stroke. Fully integrated LWM 2.0 VSD technology provides immediate and accurate downhole information, enabling the controller to match pump displacement to the well’s inflow in realtime.

ROI Drivers

  • Optimal operation enabled by automatic, precise pump speed adjustments
  • Delivers comprehensive well diagnostics to anticipate production anomalies
  • Minimized manual intervention via automated reset, restart function.
  • Maximized MTBF driven by automated system overrides


  • Programmable and automated intra-stroke speed changes on the fly based on live surface or down hole dynagraph data
  • Controller and VSD Setup, initialization and control with a single user interface
  • Compatible with most available SCADA systems

LUFKIN REGEN Variable Speed Drive

REGEN™ Conserving Energy – Improving your ESG Impact

REGEN™ field studies realize power savings of over 10% when using the system, potentially saving thousands of dollars annually.
REGEN ensures each well is properly optimized and minimizes any power losses by pushing regenerated power back to the grid, resulting in lower power costs and reduced carbon footprint. REGEN technology mitigates power line harmonic distortion to the IEEE 519-2014 standard

ROI Drivers

  • Improve ESG Impact via power savings
  • Regenerative technology
  • Ideal choice for local power grids
  • Near unity power factor
  • Reduces harmonics to 5% or less
  • Accurate data drives better pump performance
  • Optimal operation enabled by automatic, precise pump speed adjustments
  • Easy installation, one system, one interface


  • Active Front End technology
  • Integrated with LWM 2.0 rod pump controller
  • Compatible with most motor types
  • Eliminates inefficient braking resistors

Pioneer and Leader in Intelligent, Reliable Rod Lift Automation

As production continues to push boundaries, LUFKIN continues to invest in accelerating the evolution of intelligent automation through data-driven digital transformation technologies. This equates to enhanced safety, security, connectivity, reliability, and efficiency even in the face of new market challenges.

Wireless Load Cell

Wirelessly transmits accurate polished rod load and position data in realtime

The cable-free Interface™ Load Cell, developed in collaboration with LUFKIN, delivers accurate data for optimal rod lift control. Polished rod load and position data is transmitted in real time to a controller-mounted receiver base station.

ROI Drivers

  • Safer installation. Eliminates need for a technician to get inside the pumping unit cranks or near the walking beam to install a load cell cable and position sensor(s)
  • Eliminates load cell cable installation and maintenance intensive cable failure-replacement cycle
  • Reduced installation time
  • Preferred solution for linear pumping units


  • Transmission range up to 100ft (30meters)
  • Rated for Zone 0 hazardous area
  • Onsite battery replacement, LED battery status monitor
  • Seamless integration with existing system