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Specialty pump parts are compatible with API pumps and are developed by Don-Nan to enhance pumping performance beyond normal API capability resulting in increased operating efficiency, longer run times, and operational cost savings.

Sand Diverter

The Sand Diverter is a uniquely designed internal pump component used to connect the valve rod (or hollow valve rod) to the plunger.

The standard design for a plunger adapter has an undersized outside diameter and flat top edge that collects sand, shortens plunger life, and increases well service costs.

The Sand Diverter is machined from a single piece of extra durable Monel and has an OD face that is nickel spray coated for increased wear resistance and smooth operation.

The beveled edge and directional ports of the Sand Diverter create a flow path to the inside of the plunger on the upstroke and upon well shutdown, greatly reducing plunger wear and lengthening the useful life of the pump.

Oversized Cage

The Oversized Cage was developed by Don-Nan to increase pump performance in gassy wells. The effect of this unique design is twofold. The enlarged size of the cage allows gas to transfer through the pump with minimal interference.

Additionally, the Oversized Cage eliminates the need of a connecting part and allows the valves to be spaced closer together resulting in an improved compression ratio.

For maximum effect, we recommend utilizing alternate pattern ball and seat.

Insert Guided Cage

The Insert Guided Cage is an improvement over standard and hard-lined cages that suffer from severe ball rattle. This one-piece cage is made by placing a Stellite insert between two cage halves and fusing them together through a friction welding process.

Top Seal

The Don-Nan Top Seal prevents a stuck pump scenario caused by solids accumulation around the hold-down. Once the pump has been placed in its seating location, the weight of the sucker rods on the pump pushes the rubber element outward until contact with the tubing wall is made. When retrieval of the pump is needed, pulling up on the rodstring will disengage the setting. Should the rubber element become damaged in operation, it may be replaced without replacing the entire assembly.

Sand Shield

The Don-Nan sand shield is a two-piece component that is placed directly below the rod guide near the top of an insert sucker rod pump. The rubberized fins act as a barrier against solids that otherwise would fall back through the fluid on well shutdown possibly leading to a stuck pump scenario.

Gas Valve

The Don-Nan Gas Valve helps maintain proper valve orientation by allowing a small amount of fluid to reenter the pump and aide the standing valve ball in reseating itself on the downstroke. By maintaining proper valve orientation throughout the pumping cycle, the pump is less likely to incur damage due to working with sufficiently full fluid levels.

Bottom Discharge Valve

The Don-Nan Bottom Discharge Valve is placed on the barrel assembly between the standing and traveling valves. The valve acts as an intermediary valve that displaces approximately 10% of pumped fluid to the annulus between the outside of the pump and the tubing wall. This action moves fresh fluid past the exterior of the pump at the bottom end, keeping particulate matter from settling and sticking the pump as well as reducing adverse effects from corrosive fluid on the outside of the pump.

Tubing Drain

The Tubing Drain is designed to allow for the emptying of tubing fluid in order to pull the tubing dry from the well. The assembly is comprised of a mandrel which is assembled above the tubing pump barrel. A sleeve is installed inside the mandrel and affixed to the mandrel ID with set screws. The sleeve has upper and lower seals which covers the mandrel slots that will drain the tubing once the sleeve slides into the open position. There are 10 screw holes so it is optional to run between 1 and 10 screws to adjust the shearing load required to open the drain. Each screw will add 1,600 lbf to the shearing load of the tool and is predetermined in the shop before installation. The bumper is assembled below the polished rod, above the plunger adapter, and installed with the traveling assembly in the barrel at the time of tubing install. Therefore, an OnOff tool will be required on the assembly and must be placed above the Tubing Drain.