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Surface Pumping Unit

Surface Pumping Units

While some claim to have incorporated many of the LUFKIN engineered designs or features, none can claim to have all of the ingredients that make us the most copied, most reliable, highest quality unit available. Nobody can match our reliability.

Downhole Pumps

Downhole Pumps

LUFKIN Downhole Pumps utilize Don-Nan’s SRP experience in manufacturing and servicing sucker rod pumps. Domestic and international operators alike are combating hostile environments of downhole foam, gas, solids, abrasives, or any multitude of corrosive agents in the well. Partnering with operators to understand downhole conditions provides pump specialists opportunities to optimize the BHA designs that assist in meeting or exceeding production goals.



LUFKIN Automation takes optimization and automation to the next level as the best solution in rod pump optimization and automation. Our SROD predictive design tool is proven to be the most accurate in the world for rod pumping.

Progressing Cavity Pumps


LUFKIN's Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs) are available in various models to meet different well completion challenges, including driveheads and pumps (rotors/stators).

Hydraulic Lift

LUFKIN's Hydraulic units offer an economical, yet highly efficient means of rod pump for lower volume wells, or where surface disturbance is required to be minimal.

Oilfield Service Group

LUFKIN's Oilfield Service Group offers the most comprehensive pumping unit maintenance/installation program available for all LUFKIN and other pumping unit manufacturers.