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LUFKIN Rods’ extremely accurate precision CNC lathes and our unique manufacturing approach ensures the threads are concentric with the outer diameter for the most concentric wall thickness throughout. This eliminates stress concentrations due to eccentric wall thickness.

All of LUFKIN Rods’ couplings are manufactured with an enhanced face that provides maximum contact area between the coupling face and the sucker rod pin shoulder. This improved design fosters consistent circumferential displacement (CD) and preload stress values during makeup, helping to reduce connection related failures. In addition, all couplings are furnished with cold formed threads that provide additional strength and fatigue resistance. All LUFKIN couplings are manganese phosphate coated.


LUFKIN Rod’s CS coupling is designed and manufactured for use in critical service applications, providing enhanced fatigue performance and corrosion tolerance in tough operating environments. Our modified microalloyed steel, unique thermal processing, and unparalleled precision machining increases run times and reduces costs in your toughest, critical applications. With excellent impact properties and specially selected alloy elements, this coupling will help improve reliability, run times and reduce costs in your most problematic wells.




  • Yield Strength, 2-inch offset, psi
  • 85,000 min.
  • Tensile Strength, psi
  • 95,000 to 115,000
  • Elongation, 8-inches, %
  • 10 min.
  • Reduction of Area, %
  • 45 min.
  • Hardness HRA
  • 56-62
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