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The American Petroleum Institute (API) sets the standards for Lufkin Don-Nan pump parts. API ensures the Don-Nan line of sucker rod pump parts are manufactured with standard materials and that the pump components are interchangeable with other API manufactured sucker rod pump components.

Non-API Don-Nan pump products are still made to interchange with other pump components while maintaining premium base materials. As the industry undergoes new and constant challenges, so too must engineering keep pace with developing innovative tools and accessories for enhanced pump production and longevity. 

While API Pumps are comprised of all-recognized pump parts, Specialty (non-API) Pumps are comprised of API recognized and non-API recognized pump parts. Specialty pumps are designed to maximize performance in specific applications, whether that means optimizing for sand, scale, gas, or unique liquid-volume requirements.


Both Insert & Tubing pumps are run on the tail-end of the rod string or near the bottom of the well. Both pumps are set into a seating nipples, or collars. And, both pumps have their specific applications. (see more below).

All API pumps consist of 5 primary components. 

  • Barrel
  • Plunger
  • Seating Assembly
  • Travelling Valve
  • Standing Valve

Insert pumps can typically be run in deeper producing wells than tubing pumps. API recognizes Seating Assemblies as a Top or Bottom (placement) and either a Cup Type or Mechanical Type. Insert pumps are able to switch between these designations, depending on well conditions and production goals. And many special service applications are available for most types of insert pumps, compared to a tubing pump. Finally, insert pumps tend to have a lower servicing cost than a tubing pump.

Don-Nan RWA Pump

Don-Nan RWB Pump

Don-Nan RHA Pump

Don-Nan THB Pump

Don-Nan RXB Pump

Don-Nan RWT Pump

With Tubing pumps, only the plunger is attached to the rod string. The tubing pump barrel and a seating shoe are run on the bottom of the tubing string. With little variation on seating assemblies, a tubing pump will be a Bottom Holddown (or seating assembly) as a Mechanical Type. But with a generally larger inner diameter (I.D.) than an insert pump, tubing pumps use is typically found in more shallow wells looking to move more fluid.

Don-Nan Hi-Pro Specialty Pump

Don-Nan Isolated Gas Compression Specialty Pump

Don-Nan Lo-Pro Specialty Pump

Don-Nan Multiphase Specialty Pump

Don-Nan Stroke-Thru Solids Specialty Pump